2024 Calendar

Just a quick note…the 2024 calendar for the Pittsburgh Randonneurs has been submitted to RUSA, nearly a week before the deadline!!!.  Below lie the details…in short:

  • Monthly 100 and 200Ks March through November
  • An option for fleche team to participate in the PA Randonneurs fleche (With a destination somewhere central in the state, perhaps State College)
  • 300/400/600Ks, spaced out May/June/July
  • An evening start/overnight 200K on June 21st (night of a full moon)
  • Back-to-back 200Ks with an overnight in mid-September
  • An option to attend the Endless Mountains grand randonnée in late September. (See here for your humble RBA’s experience in the inaugural offering, nigh unto 14 years ago)


Event Body Date Comments
100K RUSA 03/09 (Intl Women’s Day Ride)
200K RUSA 03/23
100K RUSA 04/13
200K RUSA 04/20
*CTC n/a 04/26 (Crush the Commonwealth)
*Fleche ACP 04/27 (Eastern PA Randonneurs, central PA fleche)
100K RUSA 05/04
200K ACP 05/11
300K ACP 05/18
100K RUSA 06/01
400K ACP 06/15
200K ACP 06/21 (Full Moon/Solstice 200K, night start)
600K ACP 07/05
100K RUSA 07/13
200K RUSA 07/20
200K RUSA 08/10
*3 State Ride n/a 08/18 (Major Taylor Cycling Club)
100K RUSA 08/24
200K RUSA 09/14 (Day 1, back-to-back 200s)
200K RUSA 09/15 (Day 2, back-to-back 200s)
100K RUSA 09/21
*EM1240 ACP 09/25 (Eastern PA Randonneurs,  Endless Mountains Liberty Bell 1234K)
100K RUSA 10/05
200K RUSA 10/19
100K RUSA 11/02
200K RUSA 11/09

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