Happy New Year 2023!

Here is the schedule for the year thus far. The ACP dates are finalized, but nothing stops us from adding RUSA events later as we see fit. (We may need to schedule something fun and local during August 20th-24th, in order to support our friends riding PBP).
Details for all events can be found on the Events page.
Winter Warmup (K.I.S.S. routes)

  • 100K populaire: Saturday March 11th, Pittsburgh Trails 100K
  • 100K populaire: Saturday March 18th, Monaca Kittens and Puppies 100K
  • 200K ACP brevet: Saturday March 25th, existing 200K route TBD

Spring Series  (new route development in the south and west)

  • 200K ACP brevet: Saturday April 15th, probably Monongahela->Washington->Triadelphia->Wind Ridge->Clarksville->Monongahela
  • ***Crush the Commonwealth: Friday April 28th, Pittsburgh->Philadelphia. Included for reference only.
  • 300K ACP brevet: Saturday May 6th, probably Monongahela->Washington->Triadelphia->Morgantown->Uniontown->Monongahela
  • 400K ACP brevet: Saturday May 13th, probably Monongahela->Washington->Triadelphia->Moundsville->New Martinsville->Morgantown->Clarksville->Monongahela
  • 600K ACP brevet: Saturday May 27th
Heck Weekend (Back-to-back-to-back brevets out of a hotel in Cranberry, no death marches or challenge rides, familiar roads)

  • 200K ACP brevet: Friday June 16th, probably a simple out-and-back to Mercer
  • 300K ACP brevet: Saturday June 17th, probably a trip out to East Liverpool and Youngstown with a return via Grove City/Slippery Rock/etc.
  • 400K ACP brevet: Sunday June 18th , probably our classic Erie out-and-back
Fall Follies
  • Suggestions and requests are welcomed. Quirky, informal, experimental, scouting new routes, themes, whatever…
– Routes and registration: Routes are being finalized over the next two months, and registration for all of the events should be open by February 1st. Registration for the Winter Warmup and Spring  Series events will close two days in advance; registration for the Heck Weekend events will close the Monday beforehand.
– Volunteer rides: If anyone wishes to scout any of the routes a week or so in advance, please let me know at least TWO weeks in advance of the event. This will let you get official credit, even if you can’t ride on the official date.
Other notes:
– As some of you may have heard, RUSA has waived their per-event rider fees for this year only. We’re going to use rates of free populaires and $5 per 100K for the brevets, which will be used to help cover costs for hotel room controles on the longer ones; any excess will be used to fund Dan’s Caribbean vacation provide snacks and beer.
– Speaking of hotels, I do encourage those interested in the Heck Weekend to consider booking a room at least for the second night (after the 300K), and, for safety’s sake, the third night after the 400K. The controle room will be available for showering &tc., but sleeping space may be limited or unavailable, depending on how many participants we get. If there is a decent amount of interest, I’ll look into reserving a block of rooms at a fixed rate; otherwise, riders are welcome to make their own arrangements.

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