2023 Event Schedule

There are a bunch of ACP brevets currently scheduled…see the Events page for more details, but we’re offering a Winter Warmup with a couple of 100K populaires and a 200K brevet, a Spring Series of 200/300/400/600K, and even a Heck Weekend with back-to-back 200/300/400K brevets.

– Routes and registration: Routes are being finalized by the end of February, and registration for all of the events should be open by February 1st. Registration for the Winter Warmup and Spring  Series events will close two days in advance; registration for the Heck Weekend events will close the Monday beforehand.
– Volunteer rides: If anyone wishes to scout any of the routes a week or so in advance, please let me know at least TWO weeks in advance of the event. This will let you get official credit, even if you can’t ride on the official date.