Randonneuring Schedule

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Grey entries indicate Away events (non-Pittsburgh Randonneur, but of interest).
RUSA 100 Kittens & Puppies Populaire – Monaca Monaca Riverfront Park, 09:00

A remote-start 100K populaire, making use of the best of our traditional Kittens and Puppies route into Ohio, but omitting the Rte 51/Neville Island part.   For a change, we’ll start away from the city, in Monaca Riverfront Park. There, … Continued

ACP 200 km Pittsburgh-Weirton-Pittsburgh 200K Homestead, PA, 07:00

We’ll warm up along the shore of the Mon River and explore Pittsburgh’s riverside trail system, then strike west through Carnegie to parallel US 22 all the way to Weirton. We’ll give our legs (and the traffic) a break with the Panhandle … Continued

ACP 200 km McConnell’s Mills 200K Jim's House, Shaler, PA, 07:00

New for 2016, the McConnell’s Mills route takes us north through Butler to West Sunbury, then west around Moraine State Park and down to Ellwood City (skirting McConnells Mills State Park), then back along traditional club roads through North Park. … Continued

Eric ~400 miles Crush the Commonwealth Liberty Bell (Philadelphia), 05:00

A classic underground race across Pennsylvania. No support, no spectators, no prizes.

UMCA 12 hours Calvin’s Challenge Springfield, OH, 07:00

Organized by Larry Graham, this long-running 12-hour race is a great opportunity to test yourself.

ACP 300 km Kittens & Puppies 300K Neville Island, PA, 05:00

This route is part of our kinder, gentler “Kittens and Puppies” brevet series; a set of 100K, 200K, 300K, and 400K out-and-back routes starting in Pittsburgh, PA and heading towards Akron, Ohio. While certainly not flat, we’ve endeavored to minimize … Continued

ACP 400 km Pittsburgh-Erie-Pittsburgh 400K Cranberry, PA, 04:00

The Pittsburgh-Erie-Pittsburgh 400K takes us from Cranberry, Pa to Erie and back. This is not an out-and-back; instead, we’ll head north through Evans City and Slippery Rock on our way to the first controle at the Grove City Sheetz. Then … Continued

ACP 300 km Homestead-Cresson Adventure 300K Homestead, PA, 05:00

This is explicitly an adventure route, in that it has several short sections that are practically unrideable, and will require you to carry your bike up or down steep stone stairs. Fun, though…   Details forthcoming

ACP 200 km Night Start – Sandy Lake 200K 12000 Perry Hwy, Wexford, PA 15090, 19:00

  A variation on our classic Sandy Lake 200k route.   1)      Rather than park at Sheetz, it probably makes sense to park near the 24 hour Giant Eagle at the Village of Pine nearby. 2)      Outbound we’ll use the … Continued