North Park 200K, April 23rd 2022

Registration for the spring 200K out of is now open.

Key points:
      – Bike inspection/sign-in will begin at 6:30. Waivers must be signed at that time.
      – The route is our well-known 200K out-and-back out of North Park; however, the start location has been moved to the Boathouse, for convenient proximity to OTB afterwards.
      – It’s recommended that you print out or store your own copies of the cue sheet electronically before the event; however, if you wish a paper copy, please let me know at least three days in advance.
      – $7 ride fee, plus RUSA membership is required. (If you are a new RUSA member who has just signed up and not yet received your RUSA number, please let me know in advance.)
      – Please ensure that your emergency contact information and RUSA membership information is up-to-date on the website: (In the Randonneuring Info section, at the bottom of your profile)
Pre-rides and volunteers
   If anyone wishes to pre-ride the route to validate it (and wishes official ride credit) please contact me directly. If you just wish to ride it whenever, well, it’s a free country…please let me know if you spot any egregious mistakes in the cue sheet, or any changed road conditions that might mandate a re-route.
Proof of Passage
   Electronic proof of passage(EPP) is preferred, as it’s generally easier for both riders and RBA. Ride tracks should be posted online and publicly viewable, e.g. via RideWithGPS, Strava, Garmin, etc. For now, I’ll ask you to email me a link to said track after the ride; some day, we may add a fancy-schmancy means to upload said tracks electronically.
   If EPP is used, I do recommend a fallback means of proof, such as photographs taken at each checkpoint, in case one’s GPS device decides that it’s feeling sulky partway through the ride.
   If brevet cards are desired, please contact me directly at least three days before the event, and I’ll have them printed and available at the ride start.
If Trouble Strikes
   Please call or text me at (412) 915-6206 if any roadside problems occur that can’t be readily handled; if you need to abandon the ride for any reason; or if you find yourself delayed such that you shan’t be able to complete on time. To crib a page from RBA Emeritus Jim Logan, I’ll have to call your emergency contact if I don’t hear from you…
Pittsburgh Points,  which are newly-minted regional rando currency worth their weight in gold, will be awarded for ride photos and ride reports to be shared after the fact.

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