New site, who dis?

Pardon the meme reference, but it seemed as good a way as any to welcome the world to the new Pittsburgh Randonneurs website.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a work in progress. The first goal is to get the basic static content in place, then to start adding basic features required to make it a useful ride planning site.

Philosophically speaking, the current webmaster (your humble RBA Dan Blumenfeld) intends to use as many off-the-shelf production tools as possible, and save custom coding solely for that which cannot be readily put together using pre-existing and tested work.

General roadmap

  1. Basic content (contact info, old content from prior site, list of rides planned for 2022)
  2. User management
  3. Event management + registration (including integrtation with Paypal or club bank account)
  4. Dynamic route/event/ride report management
  5. Prettification pass

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