ACP 300 Spring Cheese 300K Neville Island, PA, 04:00

Another ride from the archives, the Minerva Cheese Ride is so named because it passes by a delicious cheese maker in Minerva, OH. The 300K starts at the Neville Island Park-n-Ride on Grand Ave, immediately under the I-79 bridge and … Continued

RUSA 300 Allegheny Mountains Challenge 300K Washington, PA, 05:00

Reviving one of our challenge routes, the Allegheny Mountains Challenge 300 (formerly known as the AMCUP300, or Allegheny Mountains Cruel & Unusual Punishment), is likely one of the toughest 300K brevets in North America. Starting in Washington, PA, you’ll head … Continued

ACP 300 km Fall 300K, Kittens and Puppies Neville Island, 05:00

This route is part of our kinder, gentler “Kittens and Puppies” brevet series; a set of 100K, 200K, 300K, and 400K out-and-back routes starting in Pittsburgh, PA and heading towards Akron, Ohio. While certainly not flat, we’ve endeavored to minimize … Continued