Pittsburgh-Weirton-Pittsburgh 200K

Event Date: 2014-03-22

Distance: 200 km
Starts at: Homestead, PA, at 07:00

A kinder, gentler 200k, loosely based on a popular century route we devised in 2012 to explore some roads to the west of Pittsburgh.
We’ll warm up along the shore of the Mon River and explore Pittsburgh’s riverside trail system, then strike west through Carnegie to parallel US 22 all the way to Weirton. Retrace the route as far as Florence, then enjoy the long descent on 18 through Burgettstown, where we’ll pick up some country roads on our way through Hickory to Houston, PA. A brief jaunt on busy 519 will see us clear to Mingo Creek State Park and the shores of the Mon, after which we’ll head upriver through New Eagle, Monongahela, and Donora, before heading back along quiet Bunola River Rd to Elizabeth, Glassport, and McKeesport. Finally, we’ll pick up the trail in McKeesport, and complete our loop back to Homestead.
One notable feature of this route is that, after mile 83 or so, it’s almost entirely downhill or flat the whole way to the finish.
Note: On the segment from Burgettstown to Houston, expect some gravelly patches of road (due to well drilling and heavy vehicles).
Start location: Parking lot near Red Robin, Homestead, PA
Schedule: Registration begins: 6:15 AM; Rider meeting: 6:50 AM; Ride start: 7:00 AM (13:30 time limit)


Map (updated 03/19/2014)
Cue sheet (updated 03/21/2014)

11 Comments regarding “Pittsburgh-Weirton-Pittsburgh 200K”

  1. Dan Doyle

    I plan to be there. I sent an email to Jim asking for info about the ride. But I have found what I need here.

    • Jon Webb

      Dan, it looks like I’ll also need a registration form from you — please print, sign, and bring to the event. You can find the form on this site.

  2. Dan Doyle

    The Ride map is great. I have some questions about it.
    1. TFL = traffic light. Yes?
    2. TRO = ????
    3. I see Controle 4 at Buy and Fly, Florence PA; Controle 6 at UniMart, Donora. But I don’t see any Controle 5 in the southern wilds. Is there a Controle 5.

    • Daniel Blumenfeld

      Dan, there will be an updated map/cue sheet in a day or two.

      Controles are Homestead; Robinson; Weirton; Florence; Donora; Homestead.
      Be aware that the text cues on the RideWithGPS website are not necessarily synchronized with those on the cue sheet; if in doubt, trust the cue sheet.

      TFL == traffic light, TRO == ‘to remain on’.

      See you Saturday!

  3. Jon Webb

    I’m doing the registration for these rides, so if you could email me your intent at GMail and PayPal me any registration fees by Wednesday I would appreciate it. Both ids are jonawebb.

    • Dan Doyle

      To Jon Webb.
      I intend to participate in ride.
      What is the registration fee? And how do I PayPal it to you?

      • Jim Logan

        Dan, for insurance reasons, we need you to pay the membership fee for the Western PA Wheelmen – $17. no fee for the first brevet.

  4. todd diehl

    Can I email the completed form to you via scan? I’ve already paid the West Penn Wheelmen membership fee.


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