Kittens and Puppies Spring 200K

Event Date: 2017-03-19

Distance: 200
Starts at: Millvale Riverfront Park, at 07:00
Online Registration: Registration Form

A new variation on a classic route, starting and ending at Millvale Riverfront Park rather than Jim’s house. Slightly less mileage, and no need to climb the hill at the very end…

Starting at the park, we’ll take the riverside trail system down the Ohio, until it terminates at the state penitentiary. Then up the hill to cross the river via the McKees Rocks Bridge, and a long push on Rte 51 to Monaca. Back across the Ohio, then follow the mighty Beaver River upstream to the first controle, Al’s Corner in Koppel, PA. Enjoy the palatial bathrooms!

From Koppel, we head into Ohio via Rte 351 (becomes 617 in Ohio). The turnaround point is at the Subway controle in New Middleton; from there, we’ll retrace the route as far as the Ambridge Bridge, where we’ll detour to the north shore of the Ohio. this provides slight variety in the route, as well as passing a couple of decent coffee shops for those in need.

Cue Sheet (updated 03/16/2017, Rev A)