Randonneuring is a type of organised long distance bicycle riding, with rides typically covering between 100 km and 1200 kilometres (60-750 miles). A participant is known as a randonneur, and an event is a randonnée. the term brevet may be used interchangeable with randonnée, although strictly speaking, a brevet is one specific type of event. (From Wikipedia, captured 31 May 2010. For the current Wikipedia article, click here.)

Randonneuring in the United States is organized by Randonneurs USA and their Regional Brevet Coordinators (RBAs).

Several Points

1) I encourage all riders to join Randonneurs USA (www.rusa.org).

2) If you are without a “club of reference” for RUSA events and live in or near Western Pennsylvania, I encourage you to join Western PA Wheelmen as your home randonneuring club. www.wpwbikeclub.org

3) For more information on randonneuring and brevets, see the Randonneurs USA website at www.rusa.org.

4) Just to keep things straight, RBAs are approved solely by RUSA, and Jim’s RBA responsibilities are separate from his WPW responsibilities. However, for Pittsburgh brevets to succeed, he’ll need close coordination with the WPW.